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Invitation time!

bill board - texture by

bill board – texture by

The day is almost upon us ….13th of December 2012 12 noon  -Second Life time (8.00GMT) – Ties That Bind 2.0 presentation.

As we traveled around with the display, we ‘friended’ those who interacted with us, and  invited them to attend.

Now it is time to do some more inviting. Our group discussed different ways we should invite. We decided to make an events page in Facebook and agreed to this.

We will also ‘tweet’ closer to the time and use our blogs.

I took on the task of advertising the event within the virtual world of Second Life. I started with the simplest form of advertising … a billboard at the venue. Using the texture made for our presentation by, I added the information on the presentation and built an easel to hold it (picture above).   I have prepared a note card to send to groups as well as individually inviting friends. We were asked to invite ‘relevant’ people to this presentation, and as the subject mater is on virtual worlds and networking, the relevance is wide open as these things affect any of us who use social networking platforms or virtual worlds.

By using the virtual world to invite people by virtue, should attract those already immersed in on-line communities.

The course has certainly opened my mind to consider my own virtual presence and hopefully the presentations will do the same for the audience.

I have discovered that advertising events in Second Life anything more than a few days before, will fall on deaf ears.  Newer viewers store group notices and with the new allowance of 42 groups that can be a lot of notices to get through.  Once the invitation  is sent, it is more effective to target those who are actually on-line on the day.  This will be done in two ways – (1) an instant message to groups (2) individual invitations to people on friends list.

Unfortunately it was not possible to add the presentation to the events list as you can only do this if you personally own the parcel, the parcel is owned by a group that you are an owner of, or that you have the ‘host events’ ability for the group.

Until the presentation

Inish 🙂