Networking visit 2

Paat decuir Owner of MaMia

Located in Second Life (visited 01/11/2012)

My second visit to someone in Second Life was to the shop owner and role player Paat decuir.  I made contact with Paat through clicking on one of her vendor boards and inspecting to get her profile.  Paat joined Second Life in 2007  and  has had a lot more experience than I have.  She sells antique furniture, musical instruments, and now has also branched into more modern mesh clothing.  I hoped to get some ideas from her.   I have been aware of her creations throughout my own role play worlds, and knew her shop was a well established business.

When I explained to Paat what it was I was doing  – her response was  “Well,  I am flattered but see, I am just a simple merchant, Inish .  It’s true, Inish, I don’t build a lot, I don’t advertise, I am no good at marketing. I do things for people, and love customising – because I learn so much in creating.”

This was the second time I found that a creator did not quite realise how her own personal brand had taken on a life of its own within the Second Life community, and how well known her creations actually were.

I wanted to know how important selling her products was to Paat.  She explained that selling was important to her as it covered her costs and expenses. Her problem was time.  She really has no time for the marketing end of things that would be required to take the shop to the next level.  She doesn’t use access other social media for bushiness or personal use, and does not make enough profit to hire anyone to take care of that side of things.  At the moment the tools that Paat uses to promote her shop are grid -wide hunts, her group, and the search function in world.  She has a few vendors scattered around various role play Sims but has not yet taken part in any event ‘fairs.’ (accessed 01/11/2012)

Second life Marketplace shop (accesed 01/11/2012)

I totally understand this, to some in world, it is a second life, leaving it to use other online social networks, is almost like entering the ‘real’ world.  Building for me, is more about community than it is sales, about creating, learning,  and friendships.  It was a relief to learn that so far both new people I have met, feel exactly the same way – and yet I viewed them as successful businesses.  Maybe I am more successful that I thought! (note to Linden Labs…..”please give  us a ‘like’ button!“)

In the future I would love to work with Paat, helping her using what I have learned on this course.  For now I will show of some of her fantastic goods as a thank you for giving me some of her very precious time.

Mesh inlaid Edwardian coffee table 199 L$  

Roses 80 L$ 

Antique smoked

armchair 199 L$

No self discerning gent should be without this set. Imagine the impression your business associates will receive when they arrive to meet you and find you reading the latest edition of the news!

Education starts with books! so if your college, home, or village is lacking in quality rush over and grab one! Paat may even consider a custom fit for your needs!  You can even greet you students and guests from the top of the ladder which contains several poses including one that has you searching for that special book!

Library bookshelves with posing ladder 499 L$

Mesh Winter Outfit

Promotion 199L$ includes Boots, skirt, leggins, waistcoat, arm warmers and sweater!

Trapper Hat 89 L$

Knitted natural wool Jumper and scarf (adapted for piracy) 159 L$

until next time

Inish 🙂


Networking visit 1

Naem NoLameLastName (AKA denise.rowlands)

Naem NoLameLastName (AKA denise.rowlands)

This blog is the result of randomly contacting people with similar interests as me
in Second Life.
As a role-player, I thought it would be interesting to find other role players who
also were creators, and shop owners.  
I searched through groups, then profiles, and then contacted
Naem NoLameLastName (AKA denise.rowlands). 
She has a varied history very similar to my own in Second Life,
so I sent her an im (instant message) and explained what it was I was doing. 
Her first question was ..."why me?" and my response was "why not".  
I think that in the Second Life environment, it is hard to gauge just how 
successful your personal branding is. Unlike sites such as Twitter and Facebook, 
there is no 'like' button to click on or ways to 'follow' other than personal
groups,and as these are limited, you do not have endless groups you can join.
Naem listed her activities in order of importance to her.
  1. Role player
  2. Fighter
  3. Builder/creator
  4. Friendships
  5. Shop owner
  6. Mentor

She has also been a model, taught modeling, and a photographer.

She owns a sim where she has her shop, el patio inc.   (visited 31/10/2012)

A  friend of hers described her creations as

Everything from quaint little country tables to bloody mutilation tables.

During my visit to the store I was happy and interested to see the sign below.

Intellectual property rights and the abuse of in second life is an ongoing issue, one that deters many creators from creating.  I like the fact that Naem displays this information to her customers, and hope to learn more about this at a later stage.

I was interested to find out how important the business side of her second life was to Naem, and how she marketed her store.

Naem started off  as a model in world, but eventually gave that up as it was very time consuming and usually paid with clothing.  She went on to owning her own sim, half of which she rents to a friend who also has a store.  She admits that she likes the building and creating much more than she likes selling, and has an inventory filled with things she has created and will probably never put up for sale – however, the shop justifies her creating and building.  When asked about the development of a ‘brand’ she told me that she had not really focused on that, and that her goods were such an eclectic mix that she would find this hard to do.

At present,  her only other online presence is on the Second Life Marketplace, where she also has a store.  (modified 02/11/2012)

She also has a smaller shop in the seasonal Halloween town (visited 31/10/2012)

When asked what advice she would give to anyone joining Second Life for the purpose of setting up a shop to make money, she said ….

“It took me four years to learn how to build anything more than a square box!”

Meeting Naem has been very useful to me.  Like myself the fun and social side of Second Life is her priority, and the shop and selling is secondary.

When she talks about her role playing and mentoring in Nor, (visited 31/10/2012)  she becomes enthusiastic – moreso than when talking about her shop – and yet her creations are imaginative, fun and reflect her role play life.

Until next time – Inish 🙂

‘Ties that bind 2.0′

We have been set a project with the  brief is to present a collaborative project on the theme ‘Ties that bind 2.0′ keeping in mind our online persona,  linkages and online relationships. (October 18, 2012)

Our group –  Inish, Seranox,, and Ace.

So far the hardest part of this has been linking up with everyone on a day and time that suits all of us.  so far we have had two meetings out side of class.  The first around the campfire smoking ‘strange’ cigarettes that passed out!  we used this meeting to get to know each other a little better, the skills we have, and what experience we have.  It took me a long long time to learn to do the basics in second life, and I am amazed at how quickly the rest of the group are learning.  I spent time watching the ‘how to’ video tutorials  for example (22/07/2012) but the others just seem to ‘click and learn’!  We worked on updating our second life profiles including a ‘hot shot’ of Seranox for his profile picture.Seranox first Avatar

The next meeting we prearranged at the end of the class. I thought would it would be fun to hold on a ship.  The purpose of this meeting was to decide which social network the group would all join with our avatars.  Having listened to John O’Connor / Acuppa Tae’s experience of his real life and virtual life merging I realised how linked up all these sites really are.  Having had pretty basic use of social media before taking this course, I was happy to to go with the suggestion of the rest of the group.

The meeting went something like this …………. “everyone cool with fb?” I dug deep wondering who this fb could be, a new student? a visitor to the sim that I couldn’t see? Then in dawned on me “Facebook ” of course! looks like I am back in the ranks of ‘noob’s when it comes to social media!

All this discussion took place on a ship being sailed through the linden waters.  As we crossed a sim border (modified 26/07/20120 my avatar got ripped from the deck and thrown over a couple of sims.  Better to have meetings on Terra fir-ma in future I think!

minuets of last part of meeting

 Inish  phew!  I made it!

Ace: What happened to you? lol

Inish : I got torn off the ship and landed miles away! was spinning like a top lol

AceRegan: Ah I see! haha

b.RO ): at least your safe now

Inish so facebook it is??

Ace: I’m thinking so

b.RO: yeah i think so

Ace: Does it just have to be your own avatar or our group?

b.RO : or both?

[13:33] TSS Manxman: Deploying kedge anchor right

Inish : ok when you make yours , search for Inish Karu and add me

AceRegan: Will do!

Inish : wow bob you are picking up speed there!

cybob Balazic: Always smoother out here

Inish : you two make pretty awsome pirates! did ya try the guns?  left ckick them to fire

Inish Karu: YAY!!! We’re doomed!!

b.RO ): fires away Inish Karu: laughing

Inish Karu: ace dont forget to add us all on facebook

b.RO : alright, see ya ace!

Ace: Will do!

The main reason Facebook was chosen was that all were familiar with the site and that it was easy to set up.  Or so we thought.

Soon found out that Facebook wouldn’t accept b.RO as a name! seems that Facebook is strict about your name and assumes you don’t exist unless you have a solid first and second name. Wonder where that leave ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince?’ (modified 31/10/2012)  b.RO found a way around the problem and the group have now joined Facebook.  I found this blog on the subject of interest (23/05/2011)

The most important thing I have learned from this exercise, is that social networking and virtual worlds are linked, using a quote on keeping a diary – from the wisest woman I know… my mum

If you don’t want someone to see it, then don’t put it on paper!

until next time

Inish 🙂

Elevator Pitch

This week we were given the task of preparing a 30 second pitch on who we are in second life. As if we had met a C.E.O. of a company we really wanted to work for in the lift –  and had 30 seconds to convince them we were brilliant. This would be presented in voice in class.  That’s right I did say 30 seconds!  A big challenge for me, who normally talks for Ireland!  There was help in the form of a very good guide (accessed 31/10/2012)

I followed the steps to the letter (below)

      1. Start with a Blank Canvas

        Started off with numbers 1-10 and filled in something about Inish Karu on all of them, reading that took about five mins!

        2. Red Pen It

        Then removed all the redundant and irrelevant things

        3. Pick a Card

        made 5 headings

        Who I Am,” “What I Do,” “How I Do It,” “Why I Do It,”

        and “Who I Do It For.” then pulled out all the things about me and put them under those headings

        4. Get in Order

        I moved the order around a little, putting the most important things first

        5. Add an Attention-Getter

        To get the attention grabber I used HBS elevator pitch builder (last accessed 31/10/12) That was fun to use and taught me how using one word can be just as effective as whole sentences

        6. Practice!

        Still way too long, cut cut cut some more! broken everything down to just words!

        7. Record Your Pitch

        didn’t record it – but did make a friends ears bleed  (thank-you Cybob) while we chopped it down to exactly 29.8 seconds! (giving me a moment to breath!)

        8. Ride the Elevator

        riding the elevator!Inish karu with captain Jax Souther pleading for a gunners post

        The final pitch went something like this

        Inish Karu! established responsive progressive and original

        I am

        Always fantasy

        Always green hair

        Experienced role player

        NEVER in the present

        fiercely loyal

        Owner of Oran stores



        Through facilitating


        and humor

        I educate & learndevelop communities






        sword fight

        for everyone and anyone

        Why?to inspire

        to see a smile – makes me smile!


        I found this exercise very very useful. For the first time I discovered that you can actually give a flavor of what you have to offer without boring the listener (or reader) with reams of useless irrelevant information. This will certainly help me in my fist life and my second!

Burning man in Second Life

This week I followed a link posted on twitter by Fenix a fellow student on the D.I.T. course  The link led me to to the festival

This years Burn 2 in second Life features over 100 builders/artists that have created the backdrop for a weeklong festival based on the real world festival of Burning man (modified October 30th 2012)

On arival there is a very useful information board, when clicked on it will give you some information and landmarks to navigate around the sims so you can get to see all there is.

ABOUT BURN2 2012 in second life
Builders and creators from all over the world have come together to create an impressive array of art installations, stages for performances, and theme camps. Six regions form this year’s desert Playa.
BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of Second Life. It is an officially sanctioned Burning Man regional event, the only virtual world event out of more than 100 real world Regional groups, and the ONLY Regional to burn the Man.

Fran (fran.gustav) – taken from notecard aquired 30th October 2012

Although it was suposed to finish on the 28th November 2012, you can still visit BURN2 as it has been extended! It now runs through Sunday, November 4!

Even though you can conviently ‘teleport’ from place to place, I think the best way to experience the place is on your ‘virtual’ legs (or hooves!) – It is too easy to miss something – every thing you see – no matter ow tiny has been placed with a purpose.

I have included a short film of my travels to burn2 – to say I have finished exploring is impossible! I only hope that I get time to see all it has to offer before it all vanishes!

week 2

have been online in virtual communities since 1997. This is when Inish was born, during this time I have never stopped to reflect on the reasons why an online presence is important to me, if I need to expand my networking communities, or how I manage and maintain virtual relationships.  I have not fully considered the regulations that govern my presence or the potential outcomes from creating content.  Through undertaking to complete the October 2012 module ‘Virtual Environments is one life enough” I intend to improve my online presence. (accessed 21/10/2012)

The most important aspect of accessing virtual environments for me has been educational

The virtual environment of Second Life where this class takes place, is perfect for my learning style.  I am primarily a “visual-Spatial Learner” (last modified 21/10/2012)

I learn best visually and like to think and create pictures. I am also drawn to information that is presented in a visual form (“picture smart”). “The Visual-Spatial Learner is primarily influenced by shapes, images, patterns, designs, and textures that can be seen with the eye. These learners also possess the innate ability to perform tasks that require “seeing with the mind’s eye” (i.e., visualizing, pretending, imagining, and forming complex mental images)”. (created 04/01/2005)

The combination of visual elements such as the presentation of a group project in world will encourage me in written and oral descriptions and discussions.

Extending my online presence is a new challenge for me and is important for keeping up to date with the changing world of networking communities.  I am discovering that sites like Twitter and Blogging sites such as word press do far more than inform the reader of the author’s recent meal or visit to the dentist!

Businesses can keep in touch and advertise with customers directly such as (last modified 21/10/2012) non profit groups can further their cause using this medium and network at a national level, for example “The Wheel” (last modified 21/10/2012 or at international level such as

Information on education is readily available, in fact it was through a blog revived by my daughter in NUI Maynooth  that I found out about this course, (15/10/2012)

In short these networks give you instant global access to the thoughts and opinions of many to share information, knowledge, ideas and dreams.  With physical communities diminishing (23/06/2009)  a good knowledge of of virtual worlds and networking communities is evermore important.

The role playing aspect of virtual worlds is something that happens in real time and gives the participant the opportunity to engage in a fantasy environment with like-minded people. (21/10/2012) A good overview on role playing in second life is given in this document taken from RP class held by Amethyst Boucher at Elven Forest March, 1st 2009.

To date the persona created for Inish Karu is based on role-playing characters developed within second life. It will be interesting to see how Inish transfers outside of this world!

The advantage of being represented by an avatar, is that relationships are initially prejudice-free although over time new prejudices can be built up just from the appearance of the avatar as these comments show. (21/07/212)

I am sure this also exists in networking sites, not by avatars, but how you tweet, how your page looks etc. Judging from advice bloged by “Sitearm on using twitter,” (16/10/2012) the development of the persona is very important, and varies from site to site.

On the social aspect of building and maintaining online relationships I have had some experience.  Some of my online friendships have lasted for over fifteen years.  However I have no experience of relationship building for business.  I can see why this is very important, with millions of users of networking sites such as facebook and twitter, companies have ready made platforms from which they can directly build their own relationships with users.

I am a content creator in second life, and also have a store in world.  This aspect of the course will help me to further develop ways to build relationships with customers.

Having a better knowledge of the support for online creators is hugely important. Without original content there would be no social networks. In the case of second life, where the interactive space is created by the users and has it own commerce – It is very important to be aware of the regulations protecting creators, both from a consumer and creators prospective.  For example second life has quite a complex terms of service that everyone signs up to when they open an account.  Not all (including myself) thoroughly read this before entering the virtual world.

Second Life terms of service” (Last Updated and Effective Date: December 15, 2010 )

some points of interest on content creation are the following

7.1 You retain any and all Intellectual Property Rights in Content you submit to the Service.

7.2 You grant certain Content licenses to Linden Lab by submitting your Content to the Service.

7.3 You grant certain Content licenses to users of Second Life by submitting your Content to publicly accessible areas of the Service.

7.4 You also grant Linden Lab and other users of Second Life a license to use in snapshots and machinima your Content that is displayed In-World in publicly accessible areas of the Service.

7.8 You agree to respect the Intellectual Property Rights of other users, Linden Lab, and third parties.

On completion of the course I hope to have gained enough knowledge to begin a more productive relationship with online virtual environments and networking communities and to open doors to further education on on other aspects of online life.