Week 8 – progress group work


With just 2 weeks left to present the project we all met up for pow wow at the campfire.  After Seranox swapped seats with Ace (because he felt his sit animation was too ‘girly’) we chatted about the project.  I remembered Sitearm’s words of warning, and first made sure that everyone understood what we aimed to present.  That done – all seemed fairly confident that they did.  Ideas are still flowing, but with little time left, we need to move on to phase 2.  We have arranged to meet up, and to take the finished ‘exhibition’ out for its first journey into a public area of Second Life.  It will be interesting to see if we connect with more people through our exhibit on connections!

Looking back over the past weeks and this project, I have time to reflect on my own contribution to the group.  I feel I have been lucky to have the experience and skills that I have learned through the time I have spent previously in Second Life, and have been able to offer these to the group.  I was able to provide a canvas that the rest could add to with thier thoughts, artistic talent, and skills.  With anything that you do, I think the hardest part it to get started. The starting line – I was able to provide.  When the ‘GO!’ bullet fired … we were all off running.  I would also like to say that I have offered genuine friendship and some fun to our meetings – providing ice breakers such as a ship voyage and our cozy fire.  I will say that there is little I would do to improve how things have gone so far.  The main improvement would be in getting us all together.  We overcame that by working on individual tasks, and then bringing those together in the exhibit.  Even if our presentation falls apart, Ace’s computer blows up, B.ro’s hair catches fire, or Seranox breaks his avatar again by turning into a rabid rabbit….  I can honestly say that it has been a privilege to know these people, and that we HAVE connected and made our own ‘Ties that bind’


until next time Inish 🙂


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  1. I feel a warmth in this blog post – may just the campfire?

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