What can I say!  Our guest speaker at the class on week 8 (29/11/12) was none other than the concept creater and owner of Second Life Dublin ( Ham Rambler.

You need to understand that, to me, who was a pimpled faced noob when I first duck-walked into the Blarney Stone virtual bar some four years ago,  Ham was something of a legend – a guru and an unknowing mentor to all.

So what did he talk about?   I DONT KNOW! …. I was so busy being in a trance at the very IDEA of hearing Ham speak that strange Anglo-Irish-American brogue!  I was brought back to earth abruptly by the sound of Sitearm reminding us to turn to “slide 22”.   I managed to type in a dot to let all know I was actually conscious.  It was fascinating to hear that the real bar in Dublin, (the one that the bar in SL was modeled on) has been visited by residents of Second Life and that ‘non- virtual’ pints have been shared.  This class was co presented by Sitearm, who gave us a very good overview on content creation and copyrights.  Ham described the ‘copying’ of builds from real world to virtual ones as no different than an artist who paints a picture of a building onto canvas.  I like this argument for reproducing what we see.  It doesnt seem the same to me as copying work, then calling it your own.


It was nice to see us all gathered in class – our last ‘formal’ one.  I missed seeing those who couldnt make it.  I will miss Thursday evening in D.I.T. and will definitely miss the awesome team of tutors – who tried so very hard to be serious – (not realising we could hear the snort laughs through the mikes!).   My only regret has been that this course did not last longer – so much to take in!

Oh!  and sometimes the heating was not on in the room!!!!!!  🙂


Until next time

Inish 🙂


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