experience of working in the group (so far)

After the first session of the class ‘is one life enough?’ http://virtualenvironmentsmodule.wordpress.com/  I kept looking out for classmates on Secondlife.  Remembering that Secondlife is like real life in so many ways,  I had as much chance of seeing them as I did of bumping into them in Grafton Street on christmas eve!  I did  however manage to make contact with one participant  – Dudley Dreamscape, who has been a great help to me and also has experience in Education as well as in Second Life.   We met up with Sitearm who helped find the problem with Dudley’s lack of voice, (his voice is just fine, but his equipment didn’t work)

Duley, Sitearm and me

Dudley, Sitearm and me

Then to class – Just before the groups were selected for the final project ‘ties that bind-20’, in pops a new face – ‘Seranox’  who was certainly making a grand entrance!  There he stood wearing a bicycle and bumping into things.  At first I thought he was a random person who had drifted into the class by mistake, or worse – a ‘griefer’ http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/subcultures/griefing (modified 17/11/2012)  Looking round the room I noticed ‘Ace’ having problems sitting down. ‘b. RO’  I recognised from the first week, when in the pub he had plowed though a host of  revelers and totally missed any of my friendly attempt of “hello”.  selection time was here – I kept my virtual fingers crossed ” please let Dudley be in my group ….oh and not the bike guy or the person bumper anything else but that! ……..please please!”

Group 3 is………. (fanfare) Inish, Seranox, B.ro, and Ace.  TAAAAAAAA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I should have realised that my wishes suck, I have tried that method many times when playing the Lotto and have yet to be a millionaire!

Everything happened a bit fast after that,  class over Ace vanished  just and just managed to grab B.ro and Seranox after class to try to get to know them both a bit better.

As the others are new to Second Life, I decided to use my island campfire as a place to meet.  I think a fire creates a positive mood whether or not its real or virtual (and there is also a free bar!)

Group meeting place

We didn’t discuss anything about the project on that first meeting, we ‘chilled’ and virtually ‘smoked’ very large cigarettes.  My first reservations were quickly dispelled.

The next time we got together, Ace managed to link up as well.  This was a focused meeting on joining a social network together (https://inishblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/ties-that-bind-2-0%E2%80%B2/) and this time we arranged a date and time to all log in.  This seems to be the best method to link up with each other (jus as it is in real). Strange that with all this social media that we are all members off, arranging the next time we meet at the end of a meeting (all be it virtually) is still the most effective way to gather.  Word of mouth still has a place in these virtual platforms!

This meeting we had on a ship, and again the group ‘gel’ took more of a piroity than the disscussion on work.

safe on the dock

safe on the dock

The next time we met up, we finally discussed the project.  This time we all managed to be together, we discussed our skills, and I AM SO LUCKY! .  The group have a mixed bag of skills that compliment each other.  We have  a graphic designer, a graffiti artist and a media (almost) expert, and me who can build, knows a bit about most things in Second Life, and who is awesome with a sword!

Such a talented group! and together we may even come up with something amazing!  I just wish that we had more time to work on things.  I am lucky that I am not having to dive into the Second Life ‘learning curve’ but this is an added task for the others in the group.



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  1. The drama unfolds . . . “to be continued” can be very frustrating words, but I’ll wait for the next episode!

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