Networking visit 2

Paat decuir Owner of MaMia

Located in Second Life (visited 01/11/2012)

My second visit to someone in Second Life was to the shop owner and role player Paat decuir.  I made contact with Paat through clicking on one of her vendor boards and inspecting to get her profile.  Paat joined Second Life in 2007  and  has had a lot more experience than I have.  She sells antique furniture, musical instruments, and now has also branched into more modern mesh clothing.  I hoped to get some ideas from her.   I have been aware of her creations throughout my own role play worlds, and knew her shop was a well established business.

When I explained to Paat what it was I was doing  – her response was  “Well,  I am flattered but see, I am just a simple merchant, Inish .  It’s true, Inish, I don’t build a lot, I don’t advertise, I am no good at marketing. I do things for people, and love customising – because I learn so much in creating.”

This was the second time I found that a creator did not quite realise how her own personal brand had taken on a life of its own within the Second Life community, and how well known her creations actually were.

I wanted to know how important selling her products was to Paat.  She explained that selling was important to her as it covered her costs and expenses. Her problem was time.  She really has no time for the marketing end of things that would be required to take the shop to the next level.  She doesn’t use access other social media for bushiness or personal use, and does not make enough profit to hire anyone to take care of that side of things.  At the moment the tools that Paat uses to promote her shop are grid -wide hunts, her group, and the search function in world.  She has a few vendors scattered around various role play Sims but has not yet taken part in any event ‘fairs.’ (accessed 01/11/2012)

Second life Marketplace shop (accesed 01/11/2012)

I totally understand this, to some in world, it is a second life, leaving it to use other online social networks, is almost like entering the ‘real’ world.  Building for me, is more about community than it is sales, about creating, learning,  and friendships.  It was a relief to learn that so far both new people I have met, feel exactly the same way – and yet I viewed them as successful businesses.  Maybe I am more successful that I thought! (note to Linden Labs…..”please give  us a ‘like’ button!“)

In the future I would love to work with Paat, helping her using what I have learned on this course.  For now I will show of some of her fantastic goods as a thank you for giving me some of her very precious time.

Mesh inlaid Edwardian coffee table 199 L$  

Roses 80 L$ 

Antique smoked

armchair 199 L$

No self discerning gent should be without this set. Imagine the impression your business associates will receive when they arrive to meet you and find you reading the latest edition of the news!

Education starts with books! so if your college, home, or village is lacking in quality rush over and grab one! Paat may even consider a custom fit for your needs!  You can even greet you students and guests from the top of the ladder which contains several poses including one that has you searching for that special book!

Library bookshelves with posing ladder 499 L$

Mesh Winter Outfit

Promotion 199L$ includes Boots, skirt, leggins, waistcoat, arm warmers and sweater!

Trapper Hat 89 L$

Knitted natural wool Jumper and scarf (adapted for piracy) 159 L$

until next time

Inish 🙂


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  1. Oh, those are wonderful items! Thanks fr interviewing her and getting the word out. I love the practical aspect of being able to help her with what you learn in IOLE! I’ll be buying that winter outfit!

  2. You may be starting a new job for yourself in SL+ marketing!

  3. I really liked your blog inish. Very interesting! 🙂

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