Networking visit 1

Naem NoLameLastName (AKA denise.rowlands)

Naem NoLameLastName (AKA denise.rowlands)

This blog is the result of randomly contacting people with similar interests as me
in Second Life.
As a role-player, I thought it would be interesting to find other role players who
also were creators, and shop owners.  
I searched through groups, then profiles, and then contacted
Naem NoLameLastName (AKA denise.rowlands). 
She has a varied history very similar to my own in Second Life,
so I sent her an im (instant message) and explained what it was I was doing. 
Her first question was ..."why me?" and my response was "why not".  
I think that in the Second Life environment, it is hard to gauge just how 
successful your personal branding is. Unlike sites such as Twitter and Facebook, 
there is no 'like' button to click on or ways to 'follow' other than personal
groups,and as these are limited, you do not have endless groups you can join.
Naem listed her activities in order of importance to her.
  1. Role player
  2. Fighter
  3. Builder/creator
  4. Friendships
  5. Shop owner
  6. Mentor

She has also been a model, taught modeling, and a photographer.

She owns a sim where she has her shop, el patio inc.   (visited 31/10/2012)

A  friend of hers described her creations as

Everything from quaint little country tables to bloody mutilation tables.

During my visit to the store I was happy and interested to see the sign below.

Intellectual property rights and the abuse of in second life is an ongoing issue, one that deters many creators from creating.  I like the fact that Naem displays this information to her customers, and hope to learn more about this at a later stage.

I was interested to find out how important the business side of her second life was to Naem, and how she marketed her store.

Naem started off  as a model in world, but eventually gave that up as it was very time consuming and usually paid with clothing.  She went on to owning her own sim, half of which she rents to a friend who also has a store.  She admits that she likes the building and creating much more than she likes selling, and has an inventory filled with things she has created and will probably never put up for sale – however, the shop justifies her creating and building.  When asked about the development of a ‘brand’ she told me that she had not really focused on that, and that her goods were such an eclectic mix that she would find this hard to do.

At present,  her only other online presence is on the Second Life Marketplace, where she also has a store.  (modified 02/11/2012)

She also has a smaller shop in the seasonal Halloween town (visited 31/10/2012)

When asked what advice she would give to anyone joining Second Life for the purpose of setting up a shop to make money, she said ….

“It took me four years to learn how to build anything more than a square box!”

Meeting Naem has been very useful to me.  Like myself the fun and social side of Second Life is her priority, and the shop and selling is secondary.

When she talks about her role playing and mentoring in Nor, (visited 31/10/2012)  she becomes enthusiastic – moreso than when talking about her shop – and yet her creations are imaginative, fun and reflect her role play life.

Until next time – Inish 🙂


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  1. I look forward to hearing about how to protect your “intellectual property” in SL – please remember to blog about that.

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