Elevator Pitch

This week we were given the task of preparing a 30 second pitch on who we are in second life. As if we had met a C.E.O. of a company we really wanted to work for in the lift –  and had 30 seconds to convince them we were brilliant. This would be presented in voice in class.  That’s right I did say 30 seconds!  A big challenge for me, who normally talks for Ireland!  There was help in the form of a very good guide http://www.forbes.com/sites/dailymuse/2012/02/14/the-first-step-to-building-your-personal-brand/ (accessed 31/10/2012)

I followed the steps to the letter (below)

      1. Start with a Blank Canvas

        Started off with numbers 1-10 and filled in something about Inish Karu on all of them, reading that took about five mins!

        2. Red Pen It

        Then removed all the redundant and irrelevant things

        3. Pick a Card

        made 5 headings

        Who I Am,” “What I Do,” “How I Do It,” “Why I Do It,”

        and “Who I Do It For.” then pulled out all the things about me and put them under those headings

        4. Get in Order

        I moved the order around a little, putting the most important things first

        5. Add an Attention-Getter

        To get the attention grabber I used HBS elevator pitch builder http://www.alumni.hbs.edu/careers/pitch/ (last accessed 31/10/12) That was fun to use and taught me how using one word can be just as effective as whole sentences

        6. Practice!

        Still way too long, cut cut cut some more! broken everything down to just words!

        7. Record Your Pitch

        didn’t record it – but did make a friends ears bleed  (thank-you Cybob) while we chopped it down to exactly 29.8 seconds! (giving me a moment to breath!)

        8. Ride the Elevator

        riding the elevator!Inish karu with captain Jax Souther pleading for a gunners post

        The final pitch went something like this

        Inish Karu! established responsive progressive and original

        I am

        Always fantasy

        Always green hair

        Experienced role player

        NEVER in the present

        fiercely loyal

        Owner of Oran stores



        Through facilitating


        and humor

        I educate & learndevelop communities






        sword fight

        for everyone and anyone

        Why?to inspire

        to see a smile – makes me smile!


        I found this exercise very very useful. For the first time I discovered that you can actually give a flavor of what you have to offer without boring the listener (or reader) with reams of useless irrelevant information. This will certainly help me in my fist life and my second!


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  1. Wonderful details of your preparation – helps us all instead of just thinking of the end result.

  2. I like how the wording of your elevator pitch was straight to the point and clear! No use of excess wording.

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